All about Haiti

April 8th, 2009 by voicerteach

by Rodeline
Haiti is a small island that has a lot of mountains. There are many different kinds of mountains.
Haiti is a place people could plant different kinds of vegetables, and fruit, or you could set up your own garden.
When it rains in Haiti kids like to go outside and play in the rain.
Haiti has only 3 seasons which are spring, fall, and summer. Those are the only 3 seasons we have. We don’t have winter.
But we mostly have summer. When it is summer in Haiti every single day people go to the beach, or go to the pool.
The market we have in Haiti is kind of different than in the USA, but we have a lot of stores. And also we have different houses too.
It depends how you’re going to build the house. In other places the houses are kind of different from the USA.
In Haiti we have markets, shopping, restaurants, and we also have different kinds of things.

MCAS woes x 2

April 8th, 2009 by voicerteach

1) From KS
Ok, well I’m bored and MCAS is making me even more bored. Ok well IM REALLY STRESSED because MCAS is tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Friday and today is Thursday. My friend who is right next to me is also really nervous. I was told that I scored extremely high in the MCAS last year and it was higher then normal grades I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.  I usually get high grades. I feel as if I’m a normal girl. Well back to the story. MCAS IS TOMORROW.  Hopefully I will get high grades again. That would probably make me pass the 6th grade. The MCAS is on reading. I’m probably going to pass it cause I could read since I was around 5 years old. But math on the other hand… Not good.  I have pretty bad grades and always get in trouble because I don’t usually do good on my math homework.
Well, I’m kinda excited for the MCAS cause for once it would be something different then normal things like work work work and the same thing we usually do all day.
Well this is 6th grade. First year of middle school. And that makes me A lot more nervous because that sounds so much more harder then…5th grade…And it should be more harder during the MCAS.

2) From peaceblogger

The MCAS was so boring all week you have to sit there and read and do multiple choice and open response questions. One good thing is if someone didn’t eat breakfast the school gives you breakfast. They give it to you so you can get your brain power working and you can get it for free because you would do good work. We have to always take our time. The bad thing they make you do after is they make you read after you already were reading all day. They should let you sleep for like the whole day and we should go out for  free time for like an hour and be with our friends. That is why the MCAS is boring to most people. Most people take two hours or less to do the MCAS.

Blogger’s group has begun!

April 2nd, 2009 by voicerteach

Maribelle, Kelsey, and Rodeline and a mysterious other student of the Kennedy School have joined the 21st Century Blogger’s Club.  They decided they want to write about how the MCAS was ….

Welcome to YOUR blog!

March 31st, 2009 by voicerteach

Well, what shall we talk about?  What crazy stuff happened to you over vacation?  Who did you see at the skating rink?  What’s the best movie out now?  Will any of those History Day people be going to Washington?  You post and invite friends to comment.