The Clique

first of all i have been reading these books and they are so awsome they are so good that i could read one of the books in one whole day if i had the time.the books are called the clique series if you are a girl and you kind of like gossip you should read the books.My teacher is a dude and wants to read the clique book and see what kind of books we read??So i am like on the second book on like page 100 and i am letting my friend read the third one.I know like 9 people reading the clique series already.So if you like they have the books in the kennedy school library and somerville library.GOOD LUCK if you read the books and enjoy.

3 Responses to “The Clique”

  1. admin Says:

    The movie was pretty good too.

  2. hipstergal Says:

    Personally, (and this is nothing against any of you) I don’t really like books that involve gossip. I guess it’s partly because I’ve had some bad experience with it.

  3. methegirl24 Says:

    that book is takin ova my class! almost every girl has read it!

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