All about Haiti

by Rodeline
Haiti is a small island that has a lot of mountains. There are many different kinds of mountains.
Haiti is a place people could plant different kinds of vegetables, and fruit, or you could set up your own garden.
When it rains in Haiti kids like to go outside and play in the rain.
Haiti has only 3 seasons which are spring, fall, and summer. Those are the only 3 seasons we have. We don’t have winter.
But we mostly have summer. When it is summer in Haiti every single day people go to the beach, or go to the pool.
The market we have in Haiti is kind of different than in the USA, but we have a lot of stores. And also we have different houses too.
It depends how you’re going to build the house. In other places the houses are kind of different from the USA.
In Haiti we have markets, shopping, restaurants, and we also have different kinds of things.

4 Responses to “All about Haiti”

  1. ajehlen Says:

    Does it get very hot in the summer? I wouldn’t mind not having winter!
    How is the market in Haiti different?

  2. haitianqueen Says:

    Well the market in haiti is kind of different.
    The reason why i say it different we have maket outdoor cause it really hot in the summer.
    Well i haven’t go in haiti for 4 in half years so i don’t really remmber some.
    All i know is the market is kind of different.
    But we have the same houses, and i could say the stores, and schools are kind of different from the usa.

  3. ajehlen Says:

    How are the stores and the schools different?
    Just physically, or are they different in the way they work?
    For example, are students taught differently in Haiti? Do teachers behave differently?

  4. haitianqueen Says:

    I’m the part in the groups hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

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