HeartBroken Poem

Tears are dripping down my cheeks.
My face is turning red.
My heart is breaking piece by piece.
Now I’m feeling dead.
I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you.
I know you’ll never forget.
I regret it so much it just fills me with pain,
But my love for you wont drain away.
I’m lying in bed.
With pictures of you on my screen.
They play over as I play one song
That’s playing on repeat.
I really love you with all my heart,
But I dont know what to do.
If I tell you how I feel what will happen if I do?.
Thinking about it over again.
The thought cant go away.
I really love you and it’s true.
The love cant go away.

4 Responses to “HeartBroken Poem”

  1. admin Says:

    Nice writing! Who is feeling more sad, your love or you?

  2. peaceblogger Says:

    this poem must be for keven and rafel i am gussing

  3. lemonyellow Says:

    i like this poem. it has lots of feeling in it.

  4. guestkid Says:

    who is peaceblogger cuz its about kevin

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