visiting the high-school!

Hey ya’ll i’m going to talk about when i’m going to the high-school.

On april 7th i went to the high-school.

I went their beacuse for me to know where my classroom, and where to find my locker, and also for me to know who is my teacher.

Well it was fun cuz u know u got to met some new people.

 I saw some of the my friends that i have 3 years that i haven’t seen.

Well i could say high-school is much better than middle school.

If u want to become a doctor, scientist, or whatevevr u want be you have to work hard for it.

Like me my dream is to become a scientist or a doctor, but i have to really work hard for it and study really hard.

In the high-school you have to be ontime, you can’t be late.

They already tell me some of the rules.

Next year i’m looking forward to going to the high-school.

Well i could say high-school is much better than middle school.

In the high-school you got to choose anything you want

3 Responses to “visiting the high-school!”

  1. peaceblogger Says:

    did you have fun on your trip to the high school r u looking forward to going there

  2. haitianqueen Says:

    Yes i do have fun going to the high-school.

  3. admin Says:

    I know some people who are really happy at the high school, so I hope you will be happy there too! There are lots of good classes to choose from (even though there are still many things you HAVE to take). I think you will want to take photography, yes?

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