cellphones-luv them

do you know all about your cell phone so if you dont you could ask any questions so  you can tell me what kind of phone you have or if you dont have a phone tell me what kind of phone you want if you could get one.So i can tell you what phone i have a phone called a voyger and most of you know what that is.. My phone is a txter phone and it is a good phone but it just got bad updates so you might want to go get it or not.If you have a lot of friends and family it would be good for you to txt with.So that is what i say about phones and they rock toooo.

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  1. haitianqueen Says:

    What do you like about your cellphone?
    What do you like to do with your cellphone?
    What is the most things you like about you cellphone?

  2. admin Says:

    Texting is cool because you can do it quietly without anyone knowing. It’s really useful if you’re wanting to communicate with someone who is at the library. Have you used it much? What for?

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