Kennedy School Tigers: Girls Basketball Team

The very first game for the girls basketball team was at the Cummings School against East Somerville. On the first half of the game we were losing by 2 points and our team wasn’t getting our rebounds or following our shots. On the second half we were doing really well and catching up on what we were not doing before. We were getting better on following our shots and getting all our rebounds. Our team won with 5 points more then the other team and we were all happy. On the second game at Argenziano against Lincoln we didn’t do as well. We were definately getting our rebounds but we were not staying with the other team. They won by 3 points more then us. We were not mad and were playing fair and high fived the other team saying “Good Game”. The game was still great and we were still happy cause we played well and were being fair.

Francesca Zimmerman

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    When you get to the high school, some of the kids you are playing against will be on your team! Think about all the strong players you’ve played against this season. Who would you pick to have on your team?

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