Vik’s Tigers go up against the Champions

I don’t want to talk about that game right now, it gets me mad. We lost by 10 or 12 points, something like 40 to 30. We played Lincoln Park/Argenziano. They were the champions last year and it looks like they’ll be the champions this year. They’ve got the fantastic four, a group of 8th graders who are all tall and buffed up. I scored ten or twelve points. It was between Kevin and me who were named player of the game. Mr. LaFauci is a good coach. My teammates are good, no they’re awesome. Next week, we’re playing East Somerville. I heard their court is mad small. Mr. LaFauci’s mad and he’s going to make us do mad drills next week. To win the game, what we need to do is pass the ball more, play defense, especially man-to-man D. I predict I’ll score 14 points. Check in next week for the update.

Vik Gabriel

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    Hey, what’s the update? How’s the team doing?

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