An Argument for Certain Afterschool Clubs

There are 3 after school clubs that I think would make the students happy at the Brown School. The first club that could be in an after school program might be cooking. The kids would be making delicious desserts for their families. There could also be a dancing club so people can stay healthy and have fun learning Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Ballet. The third club might be a sewing club. People can make clothes with different patterns, but they could also have fun designing their own patterns. These are some of the cool and various clubs I would like for my school.  by KD

6 Responses to “An Argument for Certain Afterschool Clubs”

  1. haitianqueen Says:

    Why do you like to cook.
    Would like to dance.
    Which of your favorite things you really like to do

  2. admin Says:

    I think there should be a French club for people to learn French. A lot of people in Somerville speak Haitian Creole which is a lot like French. French would be a bit more useful in other parts of the world too.

  3. testerkid Says:

    by KD
    i like to cook because it is so fun to do. it is even fun to make desserts. i would like to dance because i was dancing ever since i was little. My favorite thing to do is to dance.

  4. haitianqueen Says:

    Well since you say you like to dance
    what kind of dance you really like to dance
    for example i like to dance hiphop dance
    do u know how to make different moves.

  5. hipstergal Says:

    OK, that is so weird! At my school, the East Somerville, we have this after school program called 21st century. And it has all those classes, and more. Plus, it’s freeeeeee!!

  6. haitianqueen Says:

    Sometime if we could gather together and talk about the high-school, or talk about something else.
    Well this year is my last year in middle school.
    next year i’m going to the high-school which is fun.

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