What i like to do when i’m bored

Hey what’s up. I’m going to tell what I like to do when I’m bored.

When I’m bored i like to go to the computer lab, go outside, taking pictures, going to my friends house, or chat on the phone.

What i really like to do is taking pictures, or go to the computer lab, or going to my friend’s house.

I don’t really like to chat on the phone, because i don’t want to give my parents bills.

But i could say it’s fun chatting on the phone not always.

The only time i chat on the phone is when somebody calls me.

But the computer i could stay all night long chatting with my friends, or playing games.

What i like is taking pictures u could crazy pictures, or you pretend to be modelling.  That’s what i like to do when i’m taking pictures.

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  1. admin Says:

    All this typing will make speed typists of us all. I like chatting by email myself.

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